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Devon Day

4th Jun 2020


Celebrate Devon Day on Thursday 4th June 2020. Join Devon Music Education Hub to perform 'Devon days' by Paul Painter.

You can sing, play or just share your images of Devon in lockdown on Twitter Instagram & Facebook

@DevonMusicEdHub  #DevonDays2020


Devon Days


MP3 with full sound

Devon Days complete
00:00 / 04:07

MP3 with reduced vocal

Devon Days guide vocal
00:00 / 04:13

Devon Days Signs

The Turning Tides Project

Resource list and information

Youtube video with lyrics on screen

mp3 with full sound

mp3 with reduced vocal as a guide


Lyric sheet

Lead sheet

This has lyrics, melody and chords so will work for guitar, ukulele, piano or any other accompaniment instrument.

DIY parts

These parts are arranged in all keys and clefs. Each pdf includes a vocal line as a guide.

Players choose a note from each chord and move from one chord to the next in time with the song. Play along to the full audio track, the video or the guide vocal track.

Feel free to change the rhythm, improvise and enjoy yourselves.

Orchestra parts

These are arranged for traditional orchestral instruments (plus a few additions).

Print off the relevant part or read it from a laptop/phone/tablet.

DIY Parts

Full Score

C alto clef

Eb treble clef

C Bass clef

Bb treble clef

C treble clef

F treble clef

Orchestra Parts

Score & Parts



Lyrics and Chords



@DevonMusicEdHub  #DevonDays2020

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